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Thoughts on cryptocurrency (design, function, quantitative analysis/market forecast) and the politics of aid in the new post-COVID-19 era/epoch

Cryptocurrency $1.4bn of $25bn financial reporting market/space.
ETFs at 25% of mutual funds, mutual funds at 40% of the stock market, market cap. as US-based, looking at near 38-40% discounting on population-based speculation (because of 40% worldwide markets under 3% since 1961-2018, and because of OTC derivatives compared with total money supply less inflation, over the past 20-30 years), because of the credit/debit cycle of recessions in less wealthy countries viz. WorldBank data, IMF rules about aid disbursements, etc.
FinViz: $41.55tn; at an average with market capitalization given proper weight, 1.95% gains on average, per a review of the total M1 money supply compared with FOREX trades, per day, compared with the commodities schedule, viz. ports and distribution centers/shipping and trucking companies (internal consistency test/check on the market); also, businesses and sectors totaling less than $1.4bn, or some multiplier of that, even accounting for growth, by 2025 or later.
Gold and other precious metals, etc., as a function of the BitCoin halving, as an institutional and technological hedge (use BitCoin as a hedge against inflation, or an indicator of it, after the halving, and gold/precious metals as a hedge on BitCoin, as empty money viz. real-perceived value of commodities, and as a way to financially exert institutional leverage on the development of perfect security for distribution supply-chains, AI-based coins, etc.
The U.S. and allies (OECD) stimulus to poorer nations; did the territories get stimulus checks?
Dollar, CryptoBuck, the $1 start-up currency; starts at $1, companies buy a % of that $1, the $1 is scheduled to have its return and discount the rest into charitable funds as the stock market does it’s martingale cycle, moving forward, to fight inflation; that is, every time the stock market does a martingale cycle, 50% less is released as a new coin offering, so initially $1, then $0.50, then $0.25, then $0.125, and so on, with the rest going to charity, thru X number of cycles; thus you have, at the outset, $1 dedicated to investments, and that is used as a tracker, sort of like a cookie, the shareholder % holdings are divided say, every year, or every two years, or every four years, not frequently, in other words, to emphasize the credit/debit cycle outside of the calendar year period, and say it’s pegged to the S&P500, or a section of NASDAQ, or a specific type of instrument, like a portfolio of risk-balanced ETFs, that could be it’s own project, when that doubles in market capitalization, or overall return % since the ICO, the amount of new buy-in to the coin is halved, no matter what the current price of the coin is, such that you can buy a new generation of coins, which are say less risk-averse because of the prior filtering of data through products like Yoga/Coil, of the initial $1 unit, at an additional $0.50, but with the other $0.50 going to charity, and see if you can reach a convention well past 3% of earnings, but in fact almost 100% of future earnings, asymptotically, on small amounts of money, really is the idea. So that as the coin shrinks in utility, the magnification between lending of point-to-point, cent loaned to cent owed, becomes obvious.
StarChart (qualitative sentiment index/NLP insights into music criticism/YouTube commentary, etc.). Art/music, charity, astrophysics. YieldShare, Tully, etc.
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Best Forex EA Free Forex Martingale Hedging Free Rebot ...

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